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Rising Seniors – Tips to Navigate the Coronavirus

1. Standardized tests are canceled and rescheduled. Current juniors will have fewer options for test dates. Universities realize this, and some are working on adjusting their requirements for the Class of 2021. Keep your eye on this evolving space.

2. AP exams for 2020 are take-home 45-minute exams. Some universities will be mandated to accept the score, while others might not.

3. The UK government have canceled the GCSE’s, AS and A-levels. They are working to find a way to evaluate the information they currently have from mock tests, teacher evaluations, and other various ways to measure the students fairly.

5. IB exams for 2020 are canceled. Follow their site for more information.

6. Common App opens August 1, 2020, in a little over four months. If you find yourself with extra time, think about ways you can work ahead. Find online assessments to help you decide a major/career or work on your writing skills.

7. Many juniors were using spring break to take campus tours. Instead, sign up on the universities' website for more information to show demonstrated interest, take their virtual tours, and connect with the universities on social media.

Of course, with all these changes, most students are now working virtually, so try to keep a consistent daily schedule from wake-up time, eating time, workouts, virtual learning schedules, and downtime. Try to save time every day to virtually connect with friends and get tips on how they are managing their everyday life.

These tips are changing on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Please check back to learn the most up to date information.

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